Miguel Arias Cañete will be Honorary Chairman of the pioneering sustainable agricultural investment fund Beka & BolschareIberian Agribusiness Fund, FCR.

Beka Finance has appointed the former two-time Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and European Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action as Honorary Chairman of the Investment Committee of its new private equity fund dedicated to sustainable agriculture, Beka & Bolschare Iberian Agribusiness Fund, FCR.

In his new position, Arias Cañete will assist Beka Finance's team of professionals in the areas of climate change, sustainability, carbon offsetting and trading, as well as in the search for and monitoring of investment opportunities. He will bring a truly unique expertise to Beka Finance's pioneering sustainable agriculture investment project.

State lawyer, Arias Cañete is one of the most solid and long-standing politicians. He has spent over 40 years in front-line politics closely linked to the agricultural sector, first as Minister ofAgriculture, Fisheries and Food and then as European Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action.

Throughout two full terms as Spanish Government Minister, along with 13years in the European Parliament, Arias Cañete has advocated the interests of the Spanish agricultural sector and has contributed to its modernization, increased productivity, raised the sector's income and boosted Spanish agricultural exports. He has achieved major milestones such as having tackled two amendments to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), achieving promising results for the Spanish rural sector and achieving an agreement between the Autonomous Communities on its implementation.

The resilience of Spanish sustainable agriculture

The agricultural sector has proven to be resilient throughout the economic crisis and is now attracting the interest of investors. The Spanish rural area is a powerful economic engine in the midst of a major shift towards sustainability and innovation.

Beka & Bolschare Iberian Agribusiness Fund, FCR is a private equity fund dedicated to managing and running sustainable agricultural plantations in Spain and Portugal, launched by Beka Asset Management SGIIC in partnership with Bolschare, one of the most sophisticated agricultural players in the Iberian Peninsula.

This fund aims to contribute to the optimization and modernization of the sector through the development of efficient manufacturing facilities. Its agronomic model allows, through the most advanced technologies, the optimization of water resources, use of renewable energies, CO2 absorption and employment growth in rural areas.

You can read the full news in Spanish here.

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