Ana Antón explains the COVID safety protocols implemented by Beka Finance and her career in the Group

What has COVID been like at Beka Finance? 

One of my responsibilities at Beka Finance is to ensure that the COVID measures are fulfilled within the company.

Weeks before lockdown last year, just when COVID news started coming up, we were given the opportunity to work from home.We started organizing meetings through different platforms throughout the week which helped us stay on track.

I believe it was a crucial moment for the company as the Group began to consolidate its different branches. Internal communication clearly played a key role.

Even after lockdown was over, and until this day, we are free to choose whether we wish to come to the office or work from home. Most of us couldn't wait to get back to the office so we perform periodic PCR tests on all employees to ensure that the office is a safe and covid-free environment.

In our new 7-story building right in downtown Madrid, I also assist in the management team of the entire building, where we work daily to improve compliance with our Covid-free measures. 

My career at Beka Finance

I started working as a receptionist in one of the previous headquarters of the Group.

However, I have always been eager to continue learning and evolving within the company, so I was given the opportunity to join several online meetings when we were on lockdown, from M&A to Private Equity to Social Impact Investment. Thanks to the confidence they placed in me, I was able to learn something new from all departments and even become part of the Communication and Social Media department, actively involved in the fintech side of the company.

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