In comparison to the European peers, Spanish SMEs has been the most profitable during the covid crisis, therefore they have become a good investment option for international investors.

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Why are Spanish SMEs a good investment for international investors? 

Spanish SMEs have been the lowest leveraged, the most profitable in comparison to the European peers. Eighty per cent of them have not been affected by the covid crisis and putting that in perspective with the Spanish banking system, that is the lowest capitalized in Europe. There are limitations in funding in this country to finance the growth of the economy.

What are the fundamentals for an investment through Beka Credit?

Any investor coming to Spain has to understand that an offer, in order to be successful, has to be tailored to complement what Spanish banks are already offering to Spanish SMEs. In this respect, any offer has also to be of a smaller relative amount than in other European markets because Spanish SMEs tend to be of smaller size.

What role can Beka Credit play in the current financial environment?

Beka Credit has a lot of experience in direct lending, market knowledge in a capital way, access to SMEs; relationships, not only with SMEs, but also with other lenders, and can be the ideal bridge for any investor coming to Spain to create a premium over the market rate.

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