Structured Finance

Structured Finance & Solutions

In BEKA Finance we count on a team with the one of the largest experiences in structure finance in Spain. This team, coming from the main national and foreign banks, has lead the participation in structuring strategic financial operations for a large number of companies in Spain (SMEs, IBEX-35,...)

The products offered by BEKA Finance are:

  • Syndicated loans
  • Acquisition financing (with or without recourse)
  • LBOs/MBOs
  • Project Finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Finance working capital (syndicated factoring, confirming, with or without recourse,…)
  • Finance investments
  • RestructuringSale & Lease back
  • Direct Lending

Each company has a need and a financial solution. Our objective is to provide our clients with the best financial solution, both from a structural point of view (period, price, guarantees) as well as from a financer’s stance (banks, investment funds, insurance companies, …)

It is very common for companies to be offered products that suit traditional financers at all times, not taking into account the clients needs. To be able to count on an advisor in this field has important form the moment that the best solution for each need is structured (maximise leverage, periods, adapt amortisations to cash flow generation…)

In BEKA Finance, we believe that the world of finance is evolving, thus on many occasions negotiating with financial entities will not suffice. Therefore, we provide our clients with our national and international investors network so that clients can complete their financial base under “direct lending “structures.

In addition, we are specialised in advising on optimum financial structures, incorporating subordinated finance, unitranches, subordinated loans, mezzanine, on a case to case basis.

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