BEKA Structured Securities develops the securitisation market offering innovative and quality structures to originators and investors.

We bet on the development of the securitisation market, thus we propose this tool not just as it was in the past – a recurrent source of liquidity for the financial sector – but also as a tool to finance companies, even SMEs.

The characteristics of the product make it a good finance alternative, which is highly versatile according to the targets pursued:

  • Obtain liquidity. This has been the main objective pursued by securitisation in the past.
  • Manage capital and improve the balance sheet. According to the structure designed, it enables the stabilisation of flows for originators, as well as anticipating some of the future earnings. This tool is especially useful in the cases in which earnings would like to be brought forward to compensate non-capitalised costs.
  • Diversify investor base: which permits reaching very different types of investors, even within the same operation. Segmenting risks, together with the various financial characteristics of the stocks issued transform securitisations into a tailor-made solution for investors.

Securitisations that finance existing assets:

  • Mortgaged-backed securities (RMBS)
  • Consumer loans
  • SMEs
  • Accounts receivable
  • Collateralized debt obligations (CDOs): CLOs and CBOs
  • Securitisation of commercial mortgages (CMBS)

Securitisations to anticipate future flows

  • Flows from rental contracts
  • Flows from operating a brand, industrial design, patents etc.
  • Other collection rights and future loans

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