Fixed Income

Qualified Professionals

The Fixed Income Division is integrated by the origination and distribution teams.
Through origination we cover our institutional clients’ financial needs, offering a wide range of financial products at varied intervals and throughout the capital structure.

Per type of issuer, our clients are:

  • Supranational debt
  • Public sector (governments, autonomic communities, agencies, and other public issuers)
  • Private companies (listed, mid and small caps)
  • Financials (all products: mortgage bonds, senior debt, subordinated debt, hybrids…)

Per payments, we finance under the following formats:

  • Issuance of promissory notes
  • Issuance of bonds and debentures

Per types of markets:

  • Issuance and domestic programs (AIAF/CNMV, MARF)
  • Issuance and EMTN programs (Luxemburg, London, Dublin…)

Per types of issuances and publicity grade:

  • Private placements
  • Public issuance

Per credit rating:

  • Bonds investment grade
  • High Yield Bonds
  • Bonds not rated

We finance throughout the capital structure via:

  • Secured senior bonds
  • Unsecured senior bonds
  • Subordinated bonds
  • Hybrid bonds
  • Convertible bonds

Per structuring degree, we manage, structure and place:

  • “Plain Vanilla” bonds
  • Sinking Funds
  • Callable and Puttable bonds
  • Project Bonds
  • Securitisations

We also move in :

  • Emerging markets

Through our Distribution team, apart from placing primary operations amongst institutional investors, we carry out an intense activity in intermediation and market making.

  • Encompassing negotiations in secondary markets (T bills), regions, financials, agencies and corporations, BEKA Finance stands out in the intermediation of illiquid bonds.
  • In addition we offer liquidity in the secondary market and for issuances managed by us.

BEKA Finance is a member of the AIAF and alternate fixed income market (MARF).



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